Improvements to Jayuya Filter Plant and Raw Water Intake, Jayuya, Puerto Rico

Client: Puerto Rico Aqueduct and Sewer Authorithy (PRASA)

Contract Period: 2014-2015 (Project Duration: 12 months)

The 2 mgd Jayuya Filter Plant is located east of state road PR-141 in the Municipality of Jayuya. The raw water intake experiences multiple clogĀ­ging problems resulting from its original configuration, causing the shutdown of the filter plant. GLM was contracted to develop design documents and specifications to solve the clogging problem and increase system reliability.

The design included a new intake and a pre-treatment system at the filter plant. The new intake was relocated upstream to a more suitable location, incorporating use of a coanda type screen to minimize entrance of floating debris such as leaves. In addition a new pre-treatment system was designed consisting in a sedimentation tank and plate settler configuration. The rehabilitated intake was constructed and entered service in 2015.