Sedimentation Study of Pprce II, Colombia

Client: Empresas Públicas de Medellín (EPM)

Contract Period: 2017-2018 (Project Duration: 24 months)

Porce II reservoir, is in service since 2001, and regulates the flows from Río Porce. The dam was built for power generation, and has a 400 MW power plant that produces about 1600GWh/yr of electricity.

The principal sedimentation problems at Porce II are: (1) advancement of the delta deposits, and (2) loss of storage capacity. The main tributary delta, Porce II, is advancing, and is causing the cutoff of two other tributaries. This condition, generates a loss of storage, due to the creation of a dike and the confluence of each other, generated by the deposition of coarse sediment.

Components of this project components included:

  • 1. Sediment sampling. Sampled reservoir sediments using vibracore equipment.
  • 2. Sediment transport analysis. Develop a 1-D sediment transport model to analyze the delta advancement. A 50 year simulation period was employed to determine how fast the delta will reach the dam and intake.
  • 3. Sediment management. This task will be a subsequent phase, in which we will Determine the benefits of sediment removal from operational and financial points of view. Analyze different sediment management alternatives for immediate and long-term