Training in Sediment Management and Monitoring

River Management Guidelines. Dr. Morris and Eng. Portalatín prepared a Spanish-language Caribbean-specific 143 page guideline for improving the management of rivers in Puerto Rico, and presented these concepts during two 3-day workshops (classroom plus field trips) to staff of regulatory and operational agencies in Puerto Rico. (Sponsored by P.R. Dept. of Natural and Environmental Resources, 2009).

University Short Course - Taiwan. Dr. Morris presented a training course on “Reservoir Sedimentation and Sediment Management” which included 2-days of classroom instruction plus 2-days of field visits, organized in Taiwan by the National Cheng Kung University. This training course provided a comprehensive overview of the sedimentation problem, the strategies available for addressing the problem in areas with high to extreme sediment loads (such as Taiwan), and strategies for data collection, data interpretation and monitoring (August 11-14, 2014).

International Workshop - China. During the week of 18-21 August, 2014, Dr. Morris served as one of three instructors at the “International Workshop on Sediment Management in Water Resources and Hydropower Projects” organized by the World Bank, held at Beijing and Yiching China (3 Gorges Project), and attended by representatives of 16 countries. Dr. Morris addressed the following topics: Erosion and Sediment Yield, Fluvial Sediment Sampling Techniques, Management Strategies to Minimize Sediment Deposition in Reservoirs, and Sediment Management at Run-of-River Intakes.

Short Course – USA. On April 19, 2015, participating as a member of the USA National Committee on Reservoir Sedimentation, Dr. Morris served as one of the trainers for the “Short Course on Reservoir Sedimentation” offered at the SEDHYD 2015 conference (10th Federal Interagency Sedimentation Conf. and 5th Federal Interagency Hydrologic Modeling Conf.) at Reno Nevada. He addressed the topic of “Reservoir Monitoring for Sustainable Use.” He also presented a conference paper titled, “Collection and Interpretation of Reservoir Data to Support Sustainable Use”, which described sampling and monitoring techniques, and data interpretation, to support the conversion of existing hydropower facilities to sustainable long-term operation.

International Short Course - Chile. On August 26, 2014, Dr. Morris presented a one-day international short course on “Sediment Management at Intakes and Reservoirs” at the XXVI Latin American Conference on Hydraulic Engineering, held in Santiago, Chile. This short-course introduced the problem posed by sediment at hydropower facilities, discussed the types of strategies that can be used to analyze and correct problems at both run-of-river intakes and at hydropower storage dams, and also outlined measurement and monitoring strategies which are needed to develop and optimize sustainable use of these facilities despite sedimentation. This training was delivered in Spanish.

Workshop – Colombia. On May 27, 2015, Dr. Morris taught the first day of a 2-day workshop on sediment management at hydropower reservoirs, sponsored by the Consejo Nacional de Operación (the entity charged with operating the electrical grid in Colombia). The course was attended by firms having hydropower facilities in Colombia, plus regulatory agencies. The workshop focused on defining the sedimentation problems being faced in Colombia, outlining the types of strategies which are typically suitable for application at hydropower plants in Colombia, and the types of regulatory changes required to permit current non-sustainable operations to be converted in sustainable hydropower resources.