hydrology & hydraulic ENGINEERING

The firm is a recognized leader in the Water Resources field. It leads the profession in the development and implementation of innovative technology in Puerto Rico, and its expertise in fluvial sedimentation is recognized internationally. Analysis tools include steady and unsteady, 1 and 2 dimensional flow models for both water and sediment transport. The types of analysis performed includes:

Hydraulic analysis of existing and proposed potable water transmission and distribution systems. GLM has performed a wide range of potable water distribution system designs, inlcuding ground water wells, pump stations, gravity and pressure systems.

Fluvial sedimentation analysis and design including sediment management at instream structures including both large and small intakes, bridge scour, and streambank erosion. The firm is unique in its successful application of geomorphic principles to create innovative designs such as non-sedimenting intakes, offstream reservoirs, and sustainable solutions to riverbank erosion.

Riverine and dambreak flood analysis including determination of flood levels and limits, design of protective measures, and regulatory floodplain mapping and map changes in compliance with local and federal (FEMA) regulations. Urban stormwater management including design of stormwater collection systems, low-impact systems, and storm water detention facilities.