reservoir & sedimentation ENGINEERING

Reservoirs naturally accumulate sediment, and to sustain longterm reservoir operation is one of the major challenges facing dam owners world-wide. Dams have traditionally been designed for limited lifetimes, as if they could be replaced in the future when sedimented. However, this is frequently not possible, establishing the need to shift reservoir management from a “design life” concept to a “long-term sustainable use” concept.

The principal objective of sediment management is to design new facilities to minimize longterm sedimentation problems, or to identify the operational and structural modifications needed to enable existing facilities to manage the sediment problems ignored by their original designers, so they may continue in operation.

The firm has designed several new reservoirs in Puerto Rico with sedimentation rates 90% lower than in conventional reservoirs. Both the Fajardo and Rio Blanco reservoirs have now been constructed.

By modeling and other analysis we define the most practical solutions to manage sedimentation in reservoirs. The firm has performed several studies around the world, providing our clients with sustainable solution that will guarantee the long term operation of their system.

The firm is internationally recognized for its leadership in this field, and has worked on reservoir problems on 4 continents.