water resource & environmental ENGINEERING

Our firm has demonstrated its lead- ership position in the field of water resources firm by developing and implementing innovative projects which have greatly advanced the profession in Puerto Rico.

For both public and private sector clients we have performed ground water studies ranging from well permitting to the development of ground water models, and we have identified available ground water resources in regions that were over- looked by other consultants.

We developed the concept, and then designed and supervised construction of both offstream reservoirs and intakes which avoid sedimentation problems. Also have designed several raw water intakes for the PR Aqueduct and Sewer Authorithy. Many of the designed intakes have been constructed and currently are in operation.

The firm possesses ample experience in addressing sensitive envi- ronmental issues and has successfully helped achieve compliance of very challenging and complex projects while focusing on sustainable solutions to engineering problems and resource management strategies.

We provide clients with accurate and responsible guidance through both the local and federal regulatory processes. We provide environmental engineering and planning services for the real estate, infrastructure, natural resources management/ restoration sectors, and general environmental compliance consulting

Mitigation Design Our firm designs and implements environmental mitigation activities and restoration design for terrestrial, freshwater and coastal ecosystems, such as wetland mitigation as often required as part of Army Corps of Engineers permits.

Special Projects The firm has performed specialized environmental studies, such as studies supporting the restoration of Puerto Rico’s two largest freshwater wetlands, Guánica Lagoon and Cano Tiburones. We have also designed wetlands for secondary wastewater treatment, and have documented environmental benefits of tech- nologies such as green roofs and lowimpact stormwater systems.